I started a blog and then ended up moving a week later! This is the first time back at the computer for non-work since my move, but it went really well and we now live on a beautiful country property. It’s the first time I’ve ever lived outside a busy urban center – I grew up in downtown Ottawa (Canada’s capital) and left only 2 years ago after I graduated. I’ve always been a nature person though and I have to say, I prefer being in the country already. Hopefully one day we will be able to buy our own land and build a small eco-home. We don’t have a car, so there’s been a lot of scenic bike rides. So far we’ve come across wild turkeys, bald eagles, lots of birds, tons of insects and a heron.

I’m a bit squeamish around insects, but I don’t like to purposefully kill them, so we’ve been using peppermint oil as an ant repellent in our bathroom where they seem to be getting into the house somehow. It’s worked really well so far.

My favourite “fast-food” vegan foods lately have been homemade vegan mac’n’cheese, lots of green smoothies, homemade Lara bars and a few quick dishes of steamed veggies with tamari. Also, can’t go wrong with smoked tofu – just slice it, pan-fry for a few minutes and then enjoy with some ketchup – filling and delicious! I can’t wait to get back into my normal food routine though.